The Stylist's Stamp | Fashion Consultation for Senior Women
Older women's clothing can compliment and empower you. Our Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London personal stylist can help you find out how.
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Personal Styling for Seniors

Senior Women’s Personal Styling Service

A women’s sense of personal style changes as she ages. Perhaps, her self-perception changes too, but she is no less relevant, captivating or beautiful in her fifties, sixties, and seventies, than she was in her earlier years.

The Personal Styling for Senior Women’s service is about empowering women and remembering the single most important thing in any outfit is the woman that is wearing it. As your Personal Stylist I will introduce you to quality brands and garments that are elegant and will express your personality whilst complimenting your figure.

Improving or updating your image can seem daunting, but shopping with a professional image consultant can boost your confidence and save you huge amounts of time and money.

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  • Confidence in dressing for your individual shape, lifestyle and budget
  • Knowledge on how to put outfits together successfully, and how to update a look with accessories
  • Experiencing where to shop, and more importantly, how to shop productively
  • Shape, fit and style advice
  • Outfit ideas
  • Budget advice on identifying wardrobe staples, and worthwhile investment pieces

The Women’s Personal Styling service is available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London, and via the Online Personal Styling Service.