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Create a strong first impression at work and project a confident image through your choice of clothes. Female fashion advice in Scotland and England.
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Personal Branding and Corporate Styling

Personal Branding and Corporate Styling Services

There is no such thing as a second chance at a first impression. Therefore, it stands to reason that the power of image and Personal Branding should never be underestimated.

A corporate image should be carefully commanded and honed because it is a visual representation of yourself; the unspoken first impression that speaks for you, before you have even opened your mouth.

The image you project through Corporate Styling should be carefully considered and in line with your personality and your employment industry. It has been proven that once you are dressed for purpose, and feel confident in what you wear, your prospects are enhanced.

A pristine corporate appearance says: I’m organised, I’m in control, I’m in authority, I have influence and you will respect me. All of which are key factors in winning new business, getting a promotion or succeeding in that interview.

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  • Your own personally branded image, aligned with your character and industry
  • Understanding the importance of colour and what its application says about you
  • Knowledge on how to create and control optical illusions, to balance out proportion through colour and pattern placement
  • Advice on which cuts, styles and detailing, are the right choice
  • Confidence in putting outfits together successfully, to create a polished, professional and co-ordinated look
  • Budget advice

The Corporate Styling and Personal Branding services will adhere to your budget specifications and come in Half and Full Day packages.

These services are available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and London.