The Stylist's Stamp | Pear-shaped? Shop clothes that fit your body type
Our shape filters can help you find the perfect fit for your clothes. Shop high street brands directly from our fashion blog.
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The Pear Shaped body

  • The Pear is bottom heavy, and has a small, defined waist
  • Her bust and shoulders are smaller than her hips
  • Her waist is at least 4 inches smaller than her hips
  • She has a narrow, well-defined waist – given her bigger lower body
  • She often has a flat stomach
  • She may have a full and rounded rear
  • Her thighs and lower legs are heavy or muscular

Complimentary Clothing Shapes

  • Round, polo and V-Neck tops
  • Fitted shirts and thigh length kaftans
  • Jeans and flat fronted trousers
  • A-line, pencil and circle cut skirts
  • Strapless, full, A-line and shirt dresses
  • Funnel and single breasted coats and jackets
  • Belted Coats that flare from the hip

Celebrity Pear Shapes

Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Octavia Spencer, Princess Beatrice, Katie Holmes, Beyoncé, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Mindy Kaling, Trya Banks, Helen Mirren and Lena Durham.